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Testrev. 4 w/ Voltmeter

A few of the original GCE test cart. to both test and setup/align a Vectrex still exist – and even an original testrev overlay which has been reproduced perfectly by VectrexMad! (and now also by others, I believe, but I have only VectrexMad!s version here). Obviously you can run the testrev.4 cart. on any multicart. – which is what I did for years – but one day I ordered a bunch of different, cheap voltmeters for arcade cabinets/pcbs to try out and thinking of the Vectrex also ordered a few with plastic mounting covers which looked like they might fit into a Vectrex shell – and they absolutely do with a tiny bit of work. The reason here was to use the cart. as both a regular testrev.4 cart. to setup a Vectrex but also as a quick, initial 5v-power test, if a Vectrex does not even come up playing blind.

And it does fit with a bit of filing extra parts of the voltmeter’s cover, the regular ‘clockworkrobot’ 6809-pcb and plastic inner spacer of the vectrex shell carefully away. Note that not seeing a perfect ‘5V’ output is normal due to both a small variance because of the (lack of perfect) precision of the voltmeter and since the power supply might not actually supply exactly 5V (but only a few percent more or less, not half a volt more or less, that would be a problem).

And this is how the finished testrev4 cart. with voltmeter looks like:

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