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Robot Arena


The VecFever v1 firmware was developed in-tandem with my very first Vectrex 6809 game, Robot Arena, back in 2015 and early 2016. This is a two-joystick shooter where you have to battle your way through some 35+ levels to eventually defeat the Praetorian guard and afterwards the final boss.


  • Reset Highscores
  • Music: On/Off
  • Start Level: once you have beaten lvl 11/21/31 you can start at these levels right away
  • Input: 2 joysticks (analog, inaccurate analog, digital) and a digital 1 joystick setup where the 4 buttons are used as directions
  • Game Info: ”                   How time flies – I have started programming this game back in 2015 in sync with the development of the dev.setup which became the current VecFever after near-countless iterations.       Very hard game in the higher levels, I think noone but myself ever beat the final boss or even saw the higher levels. Definitely noone stumbled across the hidden level.         Thanks to everyone who helped in the making of this game: George Anastasiadis, Chris Malcolm, Helmut Müller and Vectrexmad! for testing, general feedback and requests. Gasman for the menu music and Joe+Sauron for the hiscore music.                   “
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