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The VecFLASH multicart. is the predecessor of the VecMULTI and allowed uploading and flashing of up to 32kb Vectrex cart. data into a flash chip via either a serial connection (first version, 16 banks of 32KB) or via usb (32 banks of 32KB). The way this operated is that an application on a computer would generate the flash chip data combining a bunch of cartridge binaries, adapt a stock menu binary with the names in the slots for bank zero and -while the VecFLASH is powered by a Vectrex – the permanent flash memory on the VecFLASH could be updated with this data.

When this multicart. was developed I believe there were no 64kb Vectrex cart. around, nor binaries with permanent storage using a 1-wire chip. Both of which additions use the very same GPIO line which the VecFLASH uses to switch between its banks so this multicart. does not run these type of newer home-brew cartridges.

However, the Lineart demo only runs on this multicart. type properly and it also has the distinction of a menu developed by Alex Herbert so shortly after the underlying bank-switching needed to run the Lineart demo on the VecFever was put in I could not help myself and just added the entire VecFLASH-serial (15+1 banks) emulation setup (v2.39), too.

This means that you can convert a VF temporarily into a VecFLASH lookalike, esp. when using the ‘AUTOSTART’ feature since then a Vectrex reset just ends up in the VecFLASH menu again, just like the real thing.

To do this similar to the original VecFLASH you need to run a tool to create the menu and merge it with all the binaries. I have written a small tool to do just that where the 16 filenames and strings for the menu (up to 12 chars) are compiled in so you have to adapt and recompile, if you want to try out a different setup.

const char *files[16][2] = {
  { "VecFlash-Serial/vfm.bin", "VecFlash Menu binary" }, // ..text string unused
// page 1
  { "../lineart01.bin", "Lineart 1/4" },
  { "../lineart02.bin", "Lineart 2/4" },
  { "../lineart03.bin", "Lineart 3/4" },
  { "../lineart04.bin", "Lineart 4/4" },
// page 2
  { "4K_packs/pack1_01.bin", "4K pack 1" },
  { "4K_packs/pack2_01.bin", "4K pack 2" },
  { "Gravitrex.bin", "Gravitrex" },
  { "Labyrinth.bin", "Labyrinth" },
// page 3
  { "Tsunami.bin", "Tsunami" },
  { "Vectopia.bin", "Vectopia" },
  { "Vectrexians.bin", "Vectrexians" },
  { "Verzerk.bin", "Verzerk" },
// page 4
  { "Vix.bin", "Vix (demo)" },
  { "Wormhole.bin", "Wormhole" },
  { "moon.bin", "Moonlander" }

And here is the VecFLASH v4e binary generated including these files:

Word of warning, though: the cart. starter in the menu actually has issues and a lot of the larger, newer home-brews won’t work on the VecFLASH.

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