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VecFLASH: Lineart demo

The predecessor to the VecMULTI – the VecFLASH – has several 32kb flash banks (16 for the serial and 32 for the usb version) and has the distinction of being the platform for which the largest 6809 Vectrex demo to date was developed for: Lineart.

The demo is split into four binaries which need to be flashed to specific spots in the VecFLASH – the one on to banks 1 to 4 (bank zero is always the VecFLASH menu). The music and the entire management code is in all binaries but the parts of the demo are sprinkled around the four binaries, with text fallbacks in the other three which will show up if run on anything but the VecFLASH. The management code checks the bank no. of a given demo part. against the current one and if needed programs the VecFLASH bank switching hardware directly to hop over to the needed code.

The reason for the large -4x32KB- code size is that this demo. uses precomputed 3D vector data to display 3D animated vector objects. A Battlezone tank for example is displayed, rotating 3×180 degrees, where one half of the rotation data is in another bank than the other half. Also a rotating variant of the OpenGL teapot.

Starting with v2.38 the firmware now directly supports this VecFLASH bank switching mechanism, too, to be able to directly run this demo:

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