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KiWi’s Vectrex stand

The menu and all native applications output not only in the normal, upright Vectrex orientation but also in a landscape mode for horizontal monitors which is what most arcade vector cabinets use – ‘orientation’ is a global graphics option.

You can try this out by putting a Vectrex on a comfy cushion – or use the stand my friend KiWi designed immediately when he saw me doing just that and printed one out for me on his 3D printer. His stand is just excellent. It is sturdy and can be assembled in a way that the cart. port is either up top or below. I myself prefer the cart. port to be under the Vectrex – mostly because then the power pcb inside leans away from the tube. And the controller port 1 cable does not float up there but is near to the table. Quite a few people have told me they prefer the cart. port up top, though.

So I recommend trying out to play the arcade games using any kind of stand (or pillow..) to test whether it makes a difference to you: a very few games were harder to ‘vectrex’ize to portrait mode – some Gravitar planets for example – so the experience definitely improves a bit when playing these. But to me the eye-opener was that even the majority that is perfectly suited to vertical mode like Asteroids do feel different when played in the original, horizontal mode. Strange but true. Quite possibly a personal preference but still valid, I think.

Since a few of my Vectrexes are wrapped with Berzerk/Protector/Vector Pilot sideart and I didn’t want to scratch my Vectrexes and esp. the art I’ve put some fluffy felt on the stands (also on the bottom to not scratch tables or whatever I put it on). Never had any problems after years of using these stands so I also can recommend doing the same. Better safe than sorry.

One last but absolutely not least thing I do have to mention: a Vectrex sitting comfortably on this stand does look and feel a bit alien – some people do not recognize it as a Vectrex right away – and was so far a reliable lure to get people to play vector games on retro meetings for me. Your mileage may vary of course but it was a nice experience for myself. As to color the obvious choice is black – it not only looks like the Vectrex is floating but people even asked me whether this was an original extra back in the days, it just looks so natural.

So here is the 3D data for KiWi’s stand and I really hope you do try it out one fine day:

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