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Dedicated Cart. Mode

The menu searches for an ‘AUTOSTART.BIN’ file at the root of the volume and, if found and valid, it starts it in a special way: the reset button is not exiting to the menu anymore. If a 6809 Vectrex cart. is used upon power up no 6809 code whatsoever by the menu is injected before it so this is one way to test code to be burned on an eprom. Or to temporarily convert a VF into a specific game cartridge.

As of v2.28 this has been expanded to also support native applications (copied to the root of the volume and renamed to AUTOSTART.BIN) and everything in the /System/Apps folder, so esp. all emulators, are supported now. This is mostly for myself, I’ve got no idea if anyone out there ever is going to use this but I plan to finally build a whole bunch of dedicated cartridges using this feature for myself and over the years I have already drawn labels for almost all arcade games to do so…

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